7 Minutes With God...!

by Dr. Mike Murdock
Posted on 9/28/2017 12:00:00 AM
Precious Partner...

Very Conscious Today...of My Need of God.

Divine Words...Are Becoming My Oxygen. When I Speak Them Aloud, I'm Affected Deeply. Emotionally.
Lately, I've Been Battling Sorrowful Thoughts. Thoughts of Disappointments, Situations That Jolted My Spirit, My Heart.

So, Correcting My Focus Is Taking A Lot of Energy And Effort. But...Focus Decides What You Are Feeling. And Your Feelings Choose... Where You Invest Yourself.

My New Book, " 7 Minutes With God " Is Helping Me. It Contains My 101 Favorite Scriptures. (140 Pages).It Contains Many Facts About The Holy Spirit...Special Prayers To Read For Your Family...Your Business... Etc.

It Is My Gift Of Appreciation For Your Seeds Into The Temple Project,Replacement Of Air Conditioners etc At The Wisdom Center. Please Call 817-509-1385 Or My Website... TheWisdomCenter.Tv Button 8. 
I Teach LIVE... Every Night At 6p/ CST. Facebook...Instagram And Periscope. Many Simply Listen By Phone 641-715-3655 # 693222. 

Treasure Your Partnership Very Much

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